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Scenic introduction


Xixia Guishiling Ecological Park is located in the northern suburb of Nanchang City, only 25 kilometers away from Nanchang City. The park covers an area of about 4,200 acres. Xixia Guishiling is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction integrating sports, leisure, sightseeing, entertainment and health.




The climbing gap is 600 meters. In the meantime, the mountains and rocks are strange, the stone and the stone are formed separately, and the gap between the hole and the hole is unfathomable. The “hole in the hole and the stone on the stone” form a huge natural maze. Stone cave bamboo, stone gap long tree, strange in the strange, wonderful in the wonderful, dizzying. In addition to this natural and strange strange stone, surrounded by green and green, the mountains and flowers are gorgeous, the sudden rock and the surrounding spring beauty are integrated into one. Looking from afar, it is like a ratio of nature to the gods, in the green landscape, inlaid with a winding ribbon. Therefore, Shi Yun: "There is no strangeness in the strange stone ridge. There is no suspicion in the ghosts of the gods. There is no sky in the caves.




The strange stone ridge viewing gallery is 4 kilometers long and spans the foothills and stretches across the mountain. In order to maintain the ecological environment, the construction of the Quebec Ridge Viewing Gallery did not use any large-scale machinery. The transportation of stone materials was transported by the squadron to the top of the mountain and was artificially built. Its magnificent and magnificent figure is known as the "small Great Wall" in the south. Standing above, like being in the Great Wall of Beijing, the sense of pride and ambition is still born. Ascend to the "Beacon Tower", the majestic mountains and rivers are unobstructed, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xixia Lake in Nanchang water source, and you can also Tao Yi's sentiment and broaden your mind. When I was thinking of Hu Bing Tie Ma Bing under the city, it was another impact of the eyes and the soul, igniting your pride and inspiring your ambition!




The main scenic spots in the scenic spot include more than 40 pictographs and natural stone caves such as “Xihai Xinggong Rock Group”, “First Line Heaven”, “Dolphin Moon”, Love Cave” and “Zhuangyuan Cave”; the park can participate in the project with real CS field , bow and arrow competition, country bar, campfire, water park, peacock garden, "eat milk fish", koi ornamental feeding area, sprouting rabbit ornamental feeding area, camping, fishing, buffet barbecue, farm kitchen, 7D movie experience hall, quality Expansion, etc.; comprehensive supporting facilities include tourist service center, Zhiweilou restaurant, cafeteria, chess room, tea room, conference room, pillow lake (accommodation), health villa group, lake and mountain, moral hall, specialty supermarket, Thanksgiving wine shop, Milling Fragrance, Wine Museum, Agricultural Museum, Chaohua Xishou (farming workshop), fruit picking area, etc.




The so-called "one week to climb a mountain to wash a lung, a healthy life, listen to the stone singing, learn the gecko walk"; listen to the sound of water, sleep in the pillow lake. Xixia Guishiling Ecological Park is the perfect place for you to enjoy outdoor recreation, rehabilitate your health and feel your life.

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