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Scenic service

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There is the only natural climbing mountain in China in the Guishiling Scenic Area—the strange stone tribe and the 4km long leisure agricultural sightseeing promenade. The main scenic spots in the scenic spot are “Xihai Xinggong Rock Group”, “First Line Heaven” and “Dolphin Moon”. More than 40 pictographs and natural stone caves, such as "Love Cave" and "Zhongyuan Cave";

The park can participate in projects such as live CS field, bow and arrow competition, country bar, bonfire, water park, peacock garden, "eat milk fish", koi ornamental feeding area, sprouting rabbit ornamental feeding area, camping, fishing, buffet barbecue, Farmhouse kitchen, 7D movie experience hall, quality development, etc.

The scenic comprehensive supporting service facilities include tourist service center, Zhiweilou restaurant, cafeteria, chess room, tea room, conference room, pillow lake (accommodation), health villa group, lake and mountain, moral hall, specialty supermarket, Thanksgiving wine shop, grinding incense Square, wine museum, agricultural museum, Chaohua Xiqi (farming workshop), fruit picking area, etc.

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