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business manager:

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for finding new customers and communicating with them to develop new customers;
2. Communicate effectively with customers, understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and complete sales performance;
3. Maintain the business of old customers and tap the maximum potential of customers;
4. Communicate regularly with cooperative customers to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.
1. Fluent in Mandarin and infectious;
2. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
3, tough personality, quick thinking, good ability to adapt and pressure;
4. Responsible and positive work attitude.

Salary: 4000-6000

(Basic salary + business commission + monthly full attendance award)

Tourist guide:

Job Responsibilities:
1. Maintaining the personal and financial safety of tourists, handling all kinds of emergencies, and providing extended services related to them;
2. Patiently answer the questions raised by the tourists and feedback the opinions and requirements of the tourists;
3. Responsible for the collection of scenic spots, conduct market research, and assist in the development and design of new tourism products;
4. Maintain the company's good image and reputation.
1, must hold a tour guide card, good image quality, with a group related experience is preferred;
2, have affinity, strong sense of responsibility, careful work, excellent service awareness;
3, the mind is flexible, the response is rapid, and can have strong on-the-spot processing ability for emergencies;
Salary: 3000-4000

(Basic salary + band commission + monthly full attendance award)


Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the ticket checking of scenic spots;
2. Comply with the company's rules and regulations, and check the ticket according to the operation process;
3. Responsible for the statistical work of the number of tickets for tourists on the same day, and report to the relevant person in charge;
4. Carefully and patiently check the ticket for the guests and guide the guests to play the route;
5, do a good job in the area of ​​health, to ensure clean and tidy.
1. Fluent in Mandarin and passionate about the tourism service industry;
2, have strong communication skills, strong sense of service, responsibility and patience, correct attitude, polite;
3, obey the time of the scenic spot, not off duty.

Salary: 2500-3000

(Basic salary + monthly full attendance award)

Employee Benefits:

Pack and eat (double room dormitory, dormitory TV, internet, air conditioning)

4 days off per month (no breaks on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

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