Two-day tour--meeting

Features of the itinerary: Xixia Guishiling Ecological Park is located in the northern suburb of Nanchang City, only 25 kilometers away from Nanchang City. The park covers an area of about 4,200 mu. Xixia Strange Stone Ridge is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction integrating sports, leisure, sightseeing, entertainment and health preservation. In the scenic area, there are natural rock climbing mountains - strange rock tribes and a leisure agricultural sightseeing corridor with a total length of 4.38 kilometers. In addition, the scenic spot also provides a variety of leisure and entertainment services, such as flying magic carpet, marble slide, glass water slide, live CS field battle, happy park, water park, catering and accommodation, self-service barbecue, camping bonfire, country bar, conference expansion, etc., providing an excellent leisure place for parent-child families, company gatherings, class outings, and friends gatherings.


Two-Day Tour--Let's Play

Features of the itinerary: Sightseeing corridor: built in imitation of the Great Wall, the main building is built with a single piece of stone weighing 160 catties. The construction process is all carried by mule teams and built by manpower. Strange rock tribe: The naturally formed group of strange rocks gradually exposed to the surface under the action of long-term crustal uplift and weathering erosion, mainly in the shape of sub-circle and sub-water chestnut, and most of them have a diameter of several meters to tens of meters.


day trip

Itinerary features to experience the Internet celebrity project: Flying Magic Carpet & Marble Dry Slide & Glass Water Slide

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