Walk into nature, walk into strange stone ridge

Study trips play an irreplaceable role in improving students' scientific literacy and promoting their all-round development. This practical course takes the Great Wall of the South as the carrier, spreads the Great Wall culture through the Great Wall research practice, promotes the Great Wall spirit, and creatively builds the Chinese spirit, Chinese power and Chinese value in the hearts of students, parents and teachers. And in the way of group travel and concentrated study, let students go out of the campus to understand the society, experience group activities, and cultivate practical ability. At the same time, feel the beautiful hometown, historical civilization, geological landforms, so as to stimulate the thoughts and emotions of loving nature and loving hometown.


city tycoon

The essence of this activity ---- consciousness is awakening this era. Awareness includes: mission awareness, adaptation awareness, crisis awareness, and competition awareness. Each awareness has a different focus, among which awareness of crisis is also a kind of guarantee for itself. You can be prepared for danger in times of peace but not worry about gains and losses.

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