classmate reunion

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There is a kind of feeling called old classmates, and there is a kind of emotion called "because we are classmates".













first day

8 : 00-9 : 00

Go by car or by car

Located in Guishiling Ecological Park, Xixia Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City, free parking

9 : 00-9 : 30


Enter the park, check in and store luggage

9 : 30-12 : 00

Vacation and leisure

You can choose leisure items such as chess and card rooms, tea rooms, bookstores, and lakeside fishing in the scenic area to enjoy the quiet time in the mountains

12 : 00-14 : 00

Lunch (dining at Zhiweilou)

10 people per table, 9 dishes and 1 soup, taste pure natural green food (drinks are at your own expense)

14 : 00-17 : 00

country pub singing loudly

Team outings, class reunions, order songs, sing about today's joy, and sing about each other's friendship . Here, pick up the wine in the glass, you can sing to your heart's content, and cherish our present.

17 : 00-19 : 00



19 : 00-21 : 00

Bonfire Party (Sunset Plaza) + Self-service BBQ

As night falls, set off a bonfire, turn on the music, let us hold hands, sit together, sing and dance, laugh and laugh, and spend this unforgettable night under the light of the fire . Accompanied by the night in the mountains, sleep in camp, listen to the singing of nightingales, listen to the playing of clear springs, and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains at the moment of dawn.

21 : 00-

back to room, rest

Standard room, air conditioner, TV, wifi , hot water, waiter on duty all night

the next day

8 : 00-8 : 30



8 : 30-9 : 30

rock climbing

With a radius of two kilometers, there are layers of strange rock tribes piled up by huge rocks, among which there are various strange shapes and shapes, and the gaps between the holes are unfathomable. Its main scenic spots include "Western Sea Palace Strange Rock Group", "One Line of Sky", "Dolphin Watching the Moon", " Love Cave", "Zhuangyuan Cave" and so on.

9 : 30-11 : 30

Climb the Great Wall

The Weishiling Leisure Agriculture and Sightseeing Corridor is 4 kilometers long, spanning the top of the mountain and stretching across the entire top of the mountain. From a distance, it looks like a masterpiece of nature, inlaid with a winding ribbon on the emerald green landscape painting . As soon as you step on it, you will feel like you are in the Great Wall of Beijing, and you will feel a sense of pride and ambition. Climb to the "Beacon Tower", you can have a panoramic view of the majestic mountains and rivers, and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xixia Lake, the water source of Nanchang, and you can also cultivate your sentiment and broaden your mind. Thinking back to the time when Hu Bing and iron horse soldiers came to the city, it was another shock to the eyes and the soul, igniting your pride and arousing your aspirations!


11 : 30-13 : 00

Lunch (dining at Zhiweilou)


13 : 00-

Pack your luggage and head back