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Guishiling Gratitude Wine is made from high-quality glutinous rice. It is red in color and black in color. It is mild and sweet in the mouth, without the dryness of wine and the strongness of white wine. Thanksgiving wine has an alcohol content of 20%, which has the effect of warming the stomach, beautifying the skin and promoting digestion.


historical story:

  According to the description of the local elders in Xixia, during the Ming Dynasty, there was a family of the Chen family near Xixia Town. The children in the family were talented and eager to study since they were young. In the courtyard, Mother Chen, who had always taught her children to repay her kindness, was ecstatic but beyond words. She didn't know how to thank her husband for her kindness. When the teacher saw this, she joked and said: When your child is admitted as a scholar, you can bring a jug of wine to express your gratitude!


Immediately, Chen's mother used the family's frugal food and saved a small amount of grain to bury the brewed Qingming wine in the courtyard according to the ancestral wine-making secret recipe. At the teacher appreciation banquet held, the teacher shirked all the precious gifts but only praised after tasting the gratitude wine: "Open the altar ten miles of incense, close the door and get drunk!"


Since then, the story of Thanksgiving wine has been spread, and the local people have asked Mrs. Chen for advice on how to make Thanksgiving wine in order to thank the teacher for teaching their children. A trickle of grace should be repaid with a spring. Afterwards, the spirit of thanksgiving wine has inspired generation after generation of students. There have been many geniuses in Xixia territory, and they all gave Qingming wine to express their gratitude to the teachers for their education. Since then, the story of Thanksgiving wine has been spread as a good story.


In order to commemorate this story, later generations built a "Grateful Winery" here, using the inscription of Mr. "Open the altar ten miles of incense, close the door and thousands of families get drunk". According to the secret recipe of Thanksgiving wine handed down from ancient times, it is also a famous specialty of Guishiling Scenic Area.


hail of bullets

Children use the air gun equipment in person; lifelike + capable of launching + adjustable; the guns and bullets shooting experience hall. This project takes "kids personally shooting and shooting" as the starting point, and provides an immersive shooting experience project of "kids personally shooting experience".

Flying Magic Carpet

The Flying Magic Carpet in Guaishiling is about 500 meters long, and a safe conveyor belt is used to allow tourists to directly reach the No. 12 Beacon Tower. Lazy Gospel Flying Magic Carpet takes you up the mountain with one "key" to experience a different kind of fun. It only takes 10 minutes to reach the beacon tower safely, eliminating the need for mountaineering and enjoying the high scenery.

super slide

The strange stone ridge slideway is constructed of natural granite according to the natural mountain body, with a total length of about 1388 meters. The slope design is reasonable, the ride is thrilling without danger, and the childlike fun is leisurely. It is a fitness program that integrates novelty, safety, entertainment, transportation, fitness, and sightseeing. It is an excellent experience for young people looking for speed and passion. The slideway is built next to the tour road that tourists must go down the mountain, and it becomes a means of transportation for tourists, suitable for all ages; while enjoying the scenery of the strange stone ridge, tourists can take the "strange stone ridge slide", which not only avoids the hardship of mountain travel, but also enjoys the beautiful scenery; moreover, they experience the thrilling and exciting journey.

Children's Paradise

A new parent-child tour project has been added to the Weishiling Scenic Area, providing a children's playground, allowing children to fully release their playful nature. Carousel, rainbow slide, cheating roller coaster, spinning bicycle, piggy run, cherry blossom tree swing, hamster roller and many other amusement projects.