Strange Stone Ridge


hail of bullets

Children use the air gun equipment in person; lifelike + capable of launching + adjustable; the guns and bullets shooting experience hall. This project takes "kids personally shooting and shooting" as the starting point, and provides an immersive shooting experience project of "kids personally shooting experience".

Flying Magic Carpet

The Flying Magic Carpet in Guaishiling is about 500 meters long, and a safe conveyor belt is used to allow tourists to directly reach the No. 12 Beacon Tower. Lazy Gospel Flying Magic Carpet takes you up the mountain with one "key" to experience a different kind of fun. It only takes 10 minutes to reach the beacon tower safely, eliminating the need for mountaineering and enjoying the high scenery.

super slide

The strange stone ridge slideway is constructed of natural granite according to the natural mountain body, with a total length of about 1388 meters. The slope design is reasonable, the ride is thrilling without danger, and the childlike fun is leisurely. It is a fitness program that integrates novelty, safety, entertainment, transportation, fitness, and sightseeing. It is an excellent experience for young people looking for speed and passion. The slideway is built next to the tour road that tourists must go down the mountain, and it becomes a means of transportation for tourists, suitable for all ages; while enjoying the scenery of the strange stone ridge, tourists can take the "strange stone ridge slide", which not only avoids the hardship of mountain travel, but also enjoys the beautiful scenery; moreover, they experience the thrilling and exciting journey.

Strange Stone Ridge 4th Windmill Festival

This year's Windmill Festival is held from 2016.4.9--2016.5.10. During the one-month event period, all children who come to the scenic spot can get a handmade windmill (you need to scan the WeChat public account of the scenic spot). In addition, there are other activities that can be participated in during the windmill festival, such as climbing the Great Wall timing challenge, hero song and other activities. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Listen to the rocks sing and walk like a gecko"

——Interview with Shi Guoping, Chairman of Jiangxi Nanchang Xixia Scenic Tourism Management Industry Co., Ltd. (Consumer Daily reporter Hao Haixia□Gao Junlai Wu Jiangping) is located in Xinjian District, Nanchang City, only 20 kilometers away from the city center. Among them, the Weishiling Ecological Park has gained fame in recent years and has gradually become another scenic spot for tourists from inside and outside the province to stop after they come to Nanchang. It attracts many Nanchang citizens and surrounding tourists to visit every year. The life concept of "climbing the mountain once a week and washing the lungs once a week for a lifetime of health" advocated by it has also begun to take root in the hearts of the people. Weishiling Ecological Park is using her unique "strange" and "special" style to leave a

"I want to be on the front line"

Floods are merciless, and the sudden flood affects the hearts of the majority of compatriots. On the morning of July 13, Mr. Shi Guoping, chairman of Nanchang Xixia Guishiling Ecological Park, led the company's employee representatives to the front line of the embankment of Tiehe Township, Xinjian District, to visit and condolences to the local flood relief personnel on duty, and to learn the spirit of fighting against floods that is not afraid of hardships and dangers, united as one, and dared to win. And donated two vehicles of disaster relief materials worth RMB 50,000 to the local flood control and drought relief headquarters. At eight o'clock in the morning, the Guishiling flood relief and relief supplies team set off. At ten o'clock in the morning, after a bumpy ride, the convoy of supplies finally arrived at the flood control facility in Tiehe Township, Xinjian District, Nanchang.

Win-win cooperation and progress hand in hand

On July 14, the Nanchang 303 Greenland Center delegation arrived at our scenic spot for a one-day exchange and study. In order to ensure that the exchange and study between the two parties achieved the expected results, the Guishiling Ecological Park held a preparatory meeting for this exchange and study in advance, and drew up a detailed exchange and study outline. Strive to make this exchange study a success. After arriving at the scenic spot, members of the Greenland 303 Sightseeing Office, accompanied by the person in charge of the scenic spot, visited the Guishiling Leisure Agriculture Sightseeing Corridor, which is known as the "Nanchang Small Great Wall", and gave a high evaluation of our scenic spot in terms of planning, construction and environmental sanitation. from the Great Wall

Hot summer ignites sports passion

On July 23, the 10th "Bailiwei" Cup Basketball Club Invitational Tournament in Xinjian District finally kicked off. Adhering to the principle of "friendship first, competition second", Guishiling Ecological Park, as the only co-organizer of this competition, sponsored a team and sent two employees to participate in this competition. The competition adopts a group point system. Due to the small score of 51:52 in the competition with the Wanli team on the 23rd, the team faced a severe test of not being able to qualify. However, everyone learned from the previous experience in the competition against the new generation of teams on the 24th. They were not afraid of strong opponents. They faced well-trained opponents and fought tenaciously. The process was brilliant. The players on the court struggled to score points, and the audience off the court were also enthusiastic. Every wonderful shot and every wonderful pass will win warm applause and neat and powerful cheers from the audience, and the atmosphere on the scene is very warm. Finally, after an hour of fierce competition, the Guishiling team won a precious point to enter the finals with an excellent score of 50:40.

Why all autumn outings go to Strange Stone Ridge

Today’s Guaishiling is full of colorful flowers. Why do you ask me what season it is now? How can there be flowers? Indeed, in autumn, what can’t be taken away in this autumn with fallen leaves is the summer injury. There are too many Guishiling ecological parks, and there are only sweet-scented osmanthus fragrances that come ten miles away. Guess Ridge Ecological Park You want to know why Guess Ridge is so popular. Maybe the answer you want is in the picture. In fact, I also want to know. I know.